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Welcome to Bulk Transportation Services, Inc.

Bulk Transportation Services is a licensed Tennessee based dealer and a VANTAGE TRAILER dealer for new aluminum and stainless steel tank trailers and truck tanks. In addition to selling new VANTAGE tanks, we trade, and purchase used tank trailers. We strive to provide high quality, ready-for-service equipment that meets each customer’s unique requirements. We assist our customers and prospects with appraisals, engineering specifications, and finance referrals.

All of the tank trailers offered on the following webpages are serviced, tested, and inspected. Clear title and DOT documents are provided with each sale.

Bulk Transportation Services

Offers new and used tank trailers for transporting bulk commodities:

Aluminum pneumatic dry bulk trailers for dry flow able commodities: cement, sand, lime, flour, salt, sugar, plastics, etc.

Sanitary stainless steel trailers for foodgrade commodities: dairy, sweeteners, vegetable oils, fruit jucies, wine, etc.

DOT code stainless steel trailers for acid and chemical commodities.

DOT aluminum trailers for liquid commodities: asphalt, crude oil, ethanol, petroleum, etc.